The area which surrounds Berkhamsted is one of the most beautiful places I have ever trained in. I have spent hours exploring the parks, woodlands, winding roads, tracks and trails. You will have the opportunity to train in the most beautiful locations, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. 

Your training sessions will include a wide range of equipment but using your own bodyweight is vital in your fitness routine – and this means you can do your 'homework' fitness plan that I provide my clients with in any location be it your garden, lounge, hotel room or local park. There is never an excuse!

I have over 10 years’ experience in sports coaching, so I love to tap into sports specific training to keep the sessions enjoyable, effective to make you more efficient in your hobbies and new ventures.

A good Personal Trainer will see and listen to the clients needs and be able to progress sessions keeping them challenging and fun. My background enables me to make every session unique and personal. I think this is a huge factor that many of my clients have been with me for many years and are still getting the same buzz and enjoyment as they did when they first joined.

Sessions cost from £35 per hour. To book a free consultation, just give me a call on 07968 809141 or send me a message using the form below.
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